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Graph Search

Trovares xGT delivers search queries hundreds of times faster than conventional graph tools with near linear scalability and high degrees of parallelism by tapping into large pools of memory and high core count and numbers of threads available on systems available from various vendors to bring new levels of performance. Beware of computational explosion! One simple query can result in many answers (exponential).  By adding constraints to the query fewer answers are obtained; however, this adds greatly to the computational complexity of the query. Running time is highly dependent on the data, the topology of the graph and the query. 

Simple Graph Lookups 

Deeper Graph Search

Graph search can be a simple “lookup” or it can be a deeper search.  Lookups are measured in transactions per second.  These are automated applications like checking a credit card number.  Intuitive analytical queries are measured by their response time in human time measured in seconds, minutes and hours. Analysts need a response before they forget the question.  Then, they often wish to ask a follow-up question.  A search engine, Trovares xGT, that can provide answers in seconds when querying a 300-billion edge graph is a necessary tool for the serious data scientist.

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