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Solutions with xGT

Trovares xGT is designed for taking large amounts of unstructured data and turning it into results that can clearly reveal the information the customer is looking for.

Industry Use Cases














Oil & Gas 

Government Building








Browsing the Rack








Test Tubes







Pharma R&D

Laser Cutting








General Use Cases


xGT enhances data connectivity and pattern discovery in AI/Ml solutions. Facilitating the representation of intricate relationships between variables is crucial for training sophisticated models and gaining deeper insights into complex datasets. 

Real-time Reccomendation

Real-time recommendation systems leverage graph technology like xGT to continuously update and analyze user preferences and connections, providing personalized suggestions with speed and accuracy. 

Social Network Analysis

xGT is utilized in social network analysis to uncover influential nodes and understand the structure of connections, enabling organizations to enhance engagement strategies and identify key influencers in social networks. 

Semantic Web

In the Semantic Web, xGT links and interconnects data in a meaningful way, facilitating the creation of a more intelligent and interconnected web that enables machines to understand and process information more effectively. 


xGT identifies and analyzes interconnected threat patterns, enabling real-time detection of anomalies and enhancing proactive defense mechanisms against evolving cyber threats. 

Supply Chain Management 

Achieve efficient and optimized supply chain management through graph analytics with xGT. Model complex relationships among suppliers, logistics, and inventory, allowing for streamlined operations and improved decision-making.  

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection systems leverage xGT to analyze relationships between entities, such as users, transactions, and accounts, improving the ability to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. 

Master Data Management

Master data management benefits from xGT by representing and managing relationships between different data entities, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and efficient data governance across an organization. 

If you’d like more information about use cases with xGT, get in touch today.

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