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Why xGT?

With rapid ingest rates and the ability to execute complex queries driven by Python scripts, Trovares xGT provides unprecedented performance and scalability, especially when processing very large data. It delivers search queries hundreds of times faster than conventional graph tools with near linear scalability and high degrees of parallelism by tapping into large pools of memory and high core count and numbers of threads available on systems available from various vendors to bring new levels of performance.  

Why should I be using xGT over other graph options?

How will xGT help my buisness financially?

Can xGT scale with my growing data?

xGT is not a database! It is a specialized parallel graph virtual machine that is independent of storage and desktop end-user tools an organization is already paying for. It is also the fastest graph product we know of, both for data ingest and query response time. Are you developing a graph neural net? Why be restricted to one data source or convert from one database to another? Many neural net developers would prefer SQL to be their system of record, not a graph database. How do you want to view your results? With Graphistry, Excel, Tableau? It’s your choice.

Trovares xGT can be used to accelerate existing workloads, leading to greater productivity of data scientists and data analysts. Trovares xGT is also used to tackle challenges beyond what is currently achievable. The insights gained through discovery translate directly into business value.

Trovares xGT runs on servers with from 1 to 32 sockets and with memory sizes up to 48TB (currently); so, yes, if your needs grow, xGT can scale. Typically, if you double the cores in a system, xGT response time will drop by a half. Adding more memory to a system may not result in faster response time but allows bigger problem sets ranging from a few gigabytes on a laptop to multiple terabytes on a multi-socket server.

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