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xGT Queries

What is TQL?

TQL (Trovares Query Language) is the query language developed by Trovares and used by xGT. TQL is primarily a subset of Cypher and many explicit Cypher queries can be run directly on xGT. Trovares is constantly working to expand support for additional Cypher constructs. Users are advised to check new releases for support for new constructs and advise Trovares of their needs. TQL is fully described in our documentation at  

Can I turn query planning off?

The best performance is achieved through xGT automated query planning with metrics calculation enabled on the server, and we are constantly working to improve this optimization of the query planner. However, there can be cases where a user can achieve better performance with a manually composed query. The way to turn off query planning is to set optlevel to something less than 4 on the run_job or schedule_job API calls. Query planning is fully described in our documentation at  

Can I run more than one query at a time?

Yes, a user may run more than one query at a time. However, the queries will share the same set of resources so performance of each query may be affected.  There are two ways of running multiple queries simultaneously: (i) have multiple Python scripts connect to the same server with each script running a query, and (ii) have a single Python script schedule multiple queries asynchronously.  

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