Mission-Critical Analytics

Trovares xGT is the fastest Deep Analytics Application on the market and perfect for your mission-critical applications. With our patented Graph Search technology, you can unify your data from all sources throughout the enterprise at speeds 100's of times that of current market options. We apply Graph Properties to power Data Insights with the incremental value that only “Graph” can provide. All without the need to replace any of your existing IT, Database, and Data investments.  


Trovares Drives Memory-Driven, Property Graph Analytics Strategy with HPE 
Beyond Databases - Graph Analytics Tools vs. Traditional Databases 

Available on-premises and in the cloud, Trovares xGT is a unique property-graph search engine developed to enable analysts and data scientists to make insights and discover value out of  large-scale complex data sets. 


Superior performance, whether at ingest or query response, yields manyfold increases in productivity by your data scientists and analysts and superior results—tougher queries now possible and in human time. This provides improved fraud and cyber detection and prevention, and makes analysis of larger data possible whether for supply chain security or medical research.  

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James Rottsolk has spent much of his career as a senior executive in parallel and high-performance computing ventures.

Jim was co-founder of Cray Inc. (previously Tera Computer) and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer from 1987 to 2006. After a brief retirement, he joined Microsoft Research from 2007-2011, where he held various roles in advanced technologies and technology strategy.

Jim began his career as an attorney and served as a partner in the law firm of Stoel Rives specializing in corporate finance. He subsequently caught the technology bug and joined Tally Corporation, a manufacturer of computer printers, as General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer. Tally was acquired by Mannesmann AG.

Jim holds J.D. and A.M. degrees from the University of Chicago. He received his B.A. from St. Olaf College.

The platform is born out of an effort sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD)/Intelligence Community and in collaboration with the Department of Energy to create a data science analytic tool, capable of meeting extreme scale, data complexity, computation timeliness, useability, and security requirements. The initial specifications for the product stem from a two-year, development contract to Trovares Inc. from the Maryland Procurement Office (MPO) when Trovares was a fledgling company.  Today, Trovares xGT is being applied in multiple domains (Finance, communications, cybersecurity, academia).   

Data scientists should have access to the best tools of their trade.  For analytic queries, the preferred computational platform today is HPE’s Superdome Flex, a shared memory multi-core computer. Trovares xGT scales down as well to meet your needs.  



Today, Trovares xGT enables what was previously unimaginable. Our software was optimized for Mission Critical Forensic Analytics on MASSIVE amounts of data. With the ability to ask questions of Trillion Entity Data Sets and get answers back in Human Time to view your data as it has never been viewed before. The applications are endless but here are some ideas to get you started. Click on your industry below to see what Trovares xGT could do for you. 


Artificial Intelligence is poised to drive the next wave of technological distribution


Dig bad actors out of your network or stop them from entering altogether


The possibilities are endless with Trovares xGT 

Graph lookups are considered the "easiest" of all graph analytics. Instant graph search for any size enterprise with Trovares xGT.

"By 2025, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations, up from 10% in 2021"

-- Gartner 2/21