Regardless of your prior graph knowledge, Trovares xGT is the analytics tool for you. Mission-critical analytics to help with real-time problem solving and cybersecurity. 

Graph Analytics Landscape

Whole Graph Algorithm

Solving a problem that requires you to search an entire graph can take time. Sometimes so much time that the solution is no longer relevant. xGT solves these problems in a fraction of the time of other market options.

Graph Pattern Search

Graph pattern search is Trovares xGT's sweet spot. Our patents related to sub-graph isomorphism allow us to take shortcuts to our solutions. Analyzing big data faster than ever before. 


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the emerging future of the Graph Analytics Landscape.  

Trovares xGT can operate across the total graph landscape but was developed primarily to solve a provably hard problem: constrained sub-graph isomorphism, or Graph Pattern Search