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xGT enables governments to harness the power of interconnected data to gain deeper insights, enhance decision-making, improve efficiency, and better fulfill their responsibilities to citizens.

Federal Use Cases

Governments deal with complex networks of relationships between entities such as people, organizations, transactions, and events. Graph analytics tools such as xGT can help uncover hidden patterns and connections within these networks, aiding in understanding the dynamics of various systems like financial transactions, social networks, or supply chains.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Identify patterns of fraudulent activities by analyzing connections and relationships between individuals, organizations, and transactions. Uncover hidden networks involved in fraudulent schemes, such as money laundering or corruption.


Analyze network traffic and identify potential security threats by modeling the relationships between various entities, such as devices, users, and applications. Detect anomalies and unusual patterns in network behavior to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks.


Investigate and map relationships between individuals and organizations involved in terrorism activities. Analyze communication patterns and financial transactions to uncover potential threats and enhance national security.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize the federal supply chain by analyzing the relationships between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. Identify vulnerabilities and streamline the flow of goods and services to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Healthcare Fraud Detection

Analyze connections and relationships within healthcare networks to detect fraudulent activities, such as billing fraud or identity theft. Identify anomalies in healthcare data that may indicate fraudulent claims or abuse of the system.

Insider Threat Detection

Model relationships between employees, contractors, and other stakeholders to identify potential insider threats. Monitor behavioral patterns and relationships to prevent unauthorized access or malicious activities within federal agencies.

Social Network Analysis for Intelligence

Analyze social media and other online platforms to gather intelligence on potential threats, radicalization, or criminal activities. Identify influencers, key actors, and networks involved in disinformation campaigns or propaganda.

Disaster Response and Recovery 

Model relationships between response teams, resources, and affected areas to optimize disaster response efforts. Analyze the flow of information and resources to improve coordination during disaster recovery.

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